Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Blessing Ceremony

Needless to say I tend to walk on the unconventional side of things.  I myself am not a very religious person, however I am deeply spiritual and a firm believer in ritual and family traditions.  After much discussion, my other half and I decided it was time to bless our daughter.  With the upcoming 2nd birthday, and a financial crunch, we also decided to make a day of both events.  A baby blessing ceremony followed by a small birthday celebration, just a few close friends and family.  I already had it all planned out in my head.  I tend to build these very elaborate pictures of events in my head (possible career change, perhaps).

I decided on a whimsical garden theme.  To be held in a family members lovely manicured and lush green backyard.  Decorations to include tissue paper flowers, tissue paper puffs to be hung from the patio,  sparkly butterflies for the trellis and trees, lots of tulle and oh yeah, a trellis.  Beautiful pastels, primarily pink and purple with dabs of green, yellow and blue.  Her dress, a whimsical fairy type dress with an illusion style tulle skirt and fitted raw silk top, and hints of pink, perhaps in a pinned flower or ribbon.  A beautiful sermon, presentation of the godmother, baby blessing, followed by a lovely dinner, and cake and an outdoor movie for the handful of little princesses to watch while holding their handmade wands. Oh so perfect!  In my head at least. 

Thus far we have hit the roadblocks of not being able to find an affordable minister that we like.  So again, being unconventional, my sister and I decided to get ordained and officiate the ceremony ourselves.  We drafted a sermon of beautiful, personal, and heartfelt words.  

Second roadblock, finding the perfect dress for my baby.  It's almost impossible to find a reasonable priced one in the style that I'm looking for, but I am determined not to settle until the last minute crunch (now upon us).

The rest is still in the works.  We will have to see how it all turns out...